On-Demand Webinar:

Next-Generation C-UAS Approaches
- A Policymaker’s Perspective

Watch D-Fend Solutions’ webinar with Lincoln Bloomfield Jr., Former State Department Special Envoy and Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs.
In this webinar, Lincoln shares his invaluable experience on the pressing issue of countering emerging drone threats within sensitive urban and critical infrastructure environments, relating to both military and homeland security issues.

Key discussion points include:
• The evolving landscape of drone threats and associated challenges
• Homeland Security concerns and Governmental C-UAS policy considerations
• C-UAS mitigation approaches and future areas of focus


Key Speaker:
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political
Military Affairs
Chief Marketing Officer
D-Fend Solutions
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D-Fend Solutions is the leading global provider of cyber-takeover, counter-drone solutions for sensitive and challenging environments. By focusing on the acute threat, the most dangerous drones, our technology enables organizations around the world to maintain full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments and be prepared for future threats. EnforceAir, our flagship offering, automatically executes radio frequency (RF) cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and safe outcomes.